I deeply appreciate so many of you going out and spending your hard earned money on Love from Heaven. Thank you so much for helping to launch it so strongly into the world.
This isn’t about me (which is why I am often shy about things), or about book sales this is about increasing the awareness of the importance of love in our world. Our releasing more of the love we have locked away is part of God’s plan for evolution, and now is the time. Our lives would be much happier and our world a much more peaceful place if each one of us realised that we are a child of God, that we are pure love, and that we have the choice to let out more of the love that we have locked away. Become conscious of this, seek opportunities where you can show kindness and love to yourself, to family members, friends, strangers, to our planet or animals, to children, to people who you find difficult. Let us release a wave of love across the world.
*Souce – ‘For week ending 26th April 2014, Lorna Byrne’s Love From Heaven was number 1 in Nielsen BookScan  Hardback Non-Fiction chart excluding Food & Drink titles’.


It was about three years ago when Angel Michael told me that the next book I was to write was about love. He told me that I needed to help people to understand that each and every one of us is pure love, that we have so much love locked away inside of us and that if only we would choose to let more of this love out (and it is our choice) we would be so much happier, so would the people around us and so would our world.

This is the first time that the angels have allowed me to tell you that I see love as a physical force, and that I see it as clearly as I see my daughter, or an angel. I believe I can see this so as I can help all of you to understand more about love, and teach you simple ways the angels have taught me to help to have more love in your life.

This is what my publishers say about the book:

Love from Heaven will transform the way you think about love; it will stir up the love that is within you, making you more compassionate, happier and will change your life and the lives of the people around you.


Lorna Byrne, the Irish mystic who sees angels as clearly as she sees people, reveals for the first time  that she also sees love as a physical force. This gives her a  unique insight into love


We are all born as pure love but Lorna sees 90% of all adults with what looks like a transparent iron band around the body at heart level locking away most of this love. We can’t destroy or diminish this love though and Lorna in this book teaches us how we can release more of this love and love ourselves and others more.


The book is available in all good UK or Irish bookshops or you can order on line here . Other languages and countries to follow.


My prayer for everyone who reads Love from Heaven or hears some of the messages in it , is that it will stir up the love that is within you, helping you to let out more of this love you have locked away  and making your life and that of the people around you happier and more loving.




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