A Message Of Hope From The Angels


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Publication 6th Nov. 2012

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Sunday Times #1 Bestseller

These days I see a lot of angels holding lights in front of people, helping to encourage them. These are difficult and challenging times but I see so much to be hopeful about and in this book I pass on these messages of hope.Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people, and she speaks to them every day. She never revealed this remarkable ability until she released her memoir Angels in My Hair which became a word-of-mouth international bestseller. Now, in A Message of Hope from the Angels, Lorna gives us the comfort of knowing that we have guardian angels to support us during our daily challenges, and reveals how we can call on their help to carry us through the difficulties that we all inevitably face—whether it’s loneliness, depression, stress, financial strain or countless other challenges. Lorna explains how we can use the angels’ messages and support to make our lives happier and more fulfilling. Already an international bestseller, A Message of Hope from the Angels went straight to #1 in the UK.


The world has discovered a modest mystic that it might do well to listen to. Daily Mail

Byrne gives hope and a sense of peace; something that the Church, in many instances, has been unable to do for a long time.The Times

A way to handle our problems wrapped in the metaphor of the supernatural, the comfort of simple parables for our complicated times.”Daily Mail

Byrne is not alone in believing in angels; three quarters of Americans and more than a third of Britons are also convinced that such heavenly helpers exist. Daily Telegraph

 Lorna Byrne’s A Message of Hope from the Angels has a unique and particular message each reader. Lorna’s beautiful, inspiring missive imparts a timeless and spiritual message of love and peace in a mortal time of stress and uncertainty. Matthew E. Adams, New York Times Best Selling Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul of America

How is this book different from Lorna’s other books?

A Message of Hope from the Angels is very different to anything Lorna has written before. In the past Lorna’s writing has focused on her own life. In this book, Lorna focuses on her readers’ lives. Lorna sees angels every day, very unusually she sees them physically just as she would see a person sitting in front of her. This gives her a very different, inspiring and hopeful perspective on the world.  In A Message of Hope from the Angels she tells how she sees angels every day helping to instill hope into people and shares what they have told her about specific issues affecting people’s lives including loneliness, feeling unloved, being depressed, financially stressed or too busy.

This book contains never spoken of insights including:

  • How she sees angels holding lights in front of people who are financially stressed to give them courage.
  • What God and the angels have told her about being a parent – how this is the most important job in the world – bar none!
  • How angels play cupid and tie golden threads around some couples to help them to learn how to love.
  • The healing energy that Lorna sees flowing from each one of us, how we can strengthen it and use it to help ourselves, and others.
  • The importance of learning to love ourselves more and how our guardian angel encourages our own self love to grow.
  • How the guardian angel holds on to the soul at the time of death and how this is the most joyous time for any guardian angel – bringing a soul safely back home.
  • How spiritual evolution is speeding up and how Lorna sees some young people hearing and responding to the angels as naturally as she does.

On each theme Lorna offers unique insights of what she sees angels doing to help us and tells in a simple and direct way how the angels have told her we can help ourselves.