Prayer of Thy Healing Angels

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels
That is carried from God by Michael, Thy Archangel

Pour out, Thy Healing Angels,
Thy Heavenly Host upon me,
And upon those that I love,
Let me feel the beam of Thy
Healing Angels upon me,
The light of Your Healing Hands.
I will let Thy Healing begin,
Whatever way God grants it,

In Angels in my Hair I tell the story of the evening that Archangel Michael gave this prayer to me and from that day on I gave it to people who came looking for help.

All angels do healing work, but there is a particular group of angels called ‘Healing Angels’ that are called in by guardian angels when healing is required. There are literally millions of Healing Angels, in all shapes, sizes and forms, and God is pouring Healing Angels on the world all the time. All we have to do is ask for their help.

We must always remember that the healing will happen in the way that God knows is best for us. Sometimes we may not recognise that healing has occurred, as it may not have been the healing we asked for – it may be emotional or spiritual healing, rather than physical. We need to watch out for healing and recognise when it has been granted. Often healing can seem small, perhaps somebody who has been depressed for a long time smiles or laughs; maybe someone who was in a lot of physical distress feels a lot better; or maybe a mother who has been stressed out and unable to cope suddenly feels happiness and joy.

Many people have told me that the Healing Angels have helped in response to the prayer and I have been told a lot of stories, over the years, of people who believe they, or those they love have been helped by this prayer.

Many people have told me they have written out the prayer to carry it around with them or give it to someone else. You might like to print out this prayer and cut it out.

Click here to download a print version of the ‘Prayer of Thy Healing Angels’.